Sunday, November 21, 2010

Adventures of finding GREAT food!

One of the things Jay and I have in common, is that we like going on adventures to find "The Best of" everywhere we go.

Yes, we have been to the best restaurants with ***** (5 star) ratings and the chef's have trained in every country you can think of, but a lot of times we have discovered tastier foods in some of the most unexpected places.   There are many restaurants that are hidden in each city, with cooks that are not chefs and have no formal training, but have been cooking since they were able to reach their parent's counter top.  They do not cook according to recipes, but to their taste.  The food they make is special, because it has been passed on for generations.  There maybe slight changes, but that's how their great-great-great grandmother cooked.

Last night, we were on a mission to find great Cajun food.  We wanted a true cook from Louisiana and I believe we found it!!  BB's Cafe on Montrose and Westheimer.  I've been craving delicious gumbo for years and have tried MANY restaurants in the city and they all failed.  The restaurant is small, nothing fancy, but the staff is very friendly and honest about the food- EVERYTHING IS DELICIOUS.

The roux is made from scratch.  Flavourful with lots herbs and perfectly sized, seasoned and deveined shrimp.  What I miss about a lot of restaurants is the fact they they forget to season their food.  Not BB's Cafe.  It taste like you are in someone's kitchen in Louisiana and eating from their grandparents.

As far as seasoning goes, isn't that the reason for the Spice Trade in the 15th century with different countries?  Trading spices had been going on for centuries, but countries realized the economic gain for their country and trading become even more popular.  Other civilizations for the first time tasted spices as simple as black pepper, curry and salt...just to name a few.  Most people enjoy the mixing of different flavors and herbs, versus bland food that so many "Distinguished and Award Winning" restaurants offer, but because of the ambiance, everyone flocks there.  Me, I just love great food.  Food prepared by someone that took time and patience and knows how to bring out the best flavors in each dish and understand the importance of spices.  We found that last night, simple, but delicious. 

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